Health Wagon President and CEO Dr. Teresa Tyson, FNP

Before the time that the COVID-19 virus was deemed pandemic, the Health Wagon was hastily implementing new policies and procedures to keep patients, employees and partners safe. The Health Wagon has implemented increased sanitizing and disinfecting of stationary and mobile clinics this continues to be a top priority. In addition, they are practicing crucial social distancing while seeing patients via many different modalities including telehealth access at their website (
The Health Wagon is skilled with virtual telehealth as they have been practicing it for twenty-seven years. If you have a smart phone or computer, you can connect to their providers Monday through Friday from 9a-5p. If you don’t have a smart phone or computer the Smiddy Clinic in Wise at 5626 Patriot Drive and Clintwood Clinic in Clintwood at 233 Chase Street is open with iPads for you to connect to a provider from the lobby area. Please call ahead to discuss your health care needs. Do not take along guests or guest riders in your vehicle as it may be necessary to facilitate a visit in your vehicle. For minors, one guardian may accompany during the visit.
At this time the Health Wagon has needs. They have financial needs. They are low on personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically N95 masks, face shields, disinfectant sprays and sanitizing wipes. They are actively engaged with patients to ensure they have necessary food, medications, and access to medical and mental health services at this time.
There is a limited supply of COVID-19 test kits available at the Health Wagon. Officials have advised that testing for COVID-19 may become more readily available at a later time. At this time, if you feel symptomatic and need to be tested, please contact Ballad Health at 833-822-5523.
This Health Nurse Connect line is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For information on symptoms, state mandates, and resources, please visit the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) at or visit the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) at

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