Health Wagon Hosts First Post COVID19 Clinic

In a recent Press Release from the Health Wagon, is the announcement of their innovative approaches to healthcare delivery. Having recently hosted the first Post COVID19 Clinic in the Central Appalachian region, they are in a race to save individuals during this pandemic with a three prong approach including, mass testing, treatment of those who test positive, and management of lingering and life-threatening symptoms after surviving the disease through an innovative and specialized clinic.
A former police officer, Steve Smith was recently saved by Dr. Teresa Tyson who performed a home visit to provide additional treatment after Mr. Smith had developed a new shortness of breath issue, after having been successfully treated for COVID19. Dr. Tyson then requested that Dr. Ross Isaacs implement Post COVID19 Clinics for patients who have tested positive and later develop symptoms of the lungs, heart and memory.
Steve was the first patient to use and benefit from the new clinic when it was found that he had developed multiple blood clots throughout his body and had to be immediately hospitalized and started on blood thinners.
Dr. Tyson is looking to involve other medical specialists to cover other specialties after acquiring a retired Pulmonologist and medical director to coordinate xray screening at no cost to be performed by the Health Wagon, in addition to Pulmonary Function testing.
For more information on how to become a patient in the new clinic or ways you can help, please contact the Health Wagon at 276-328-8850.

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