Harlan County Joins Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement

Harlan County, KY held a County Fiscal Court Meeting last week that saw Harlan joining the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement. Comments from Judge Executive Dan Mosley made it evident that he understands what the fight is really about, and Mosley isn’t alone in his reasoning.
Mosley stated, “Any time you see gun crimes occur, you’re not seeing law abiding citizens involved in those crimes. We don’t feel that law-abiding citizens should be infringed upon. They have this right, as guaranteed by the Constitution of this country. Folks who had saw what was going on in Virginia, and many counties over there passed the resolution. Declaring themselves as a Sanctuary County for the Second Amendment.”
Many believe that the majority of citizens are on the side of gun rights, while there are some radical anti-gun voices, the majority of Kentuckians, just like Virginians, are pro-gun and pro-America. The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement may have started in Illinois, but since then Virginia, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington State, Tennessee and Texas have joined the movement.


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