Harlan authorities destroy discovered explosives

Authorities in Harlan County believe two improvised explosive devices and other bomb-making materials discovered Wednesday in Harlan are connected to Mark Sawaf who was arrested earlier this year after an investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives into trail cameras rigged with explosives.
Sawaf was shot to death by police in August after they said he tried to run away while showing them other cameras in the woods he wired to explode.
Several IEDs believed to have been Sawafs had already been destroyed, but Wednesday's discovery has authorities worried more could be out there.

The items were found near the home on Horton Street where Mark Sawaf used to live.
Someone who lives in the neighborhood found a cooler full of potentially explosive ingredients and a bucket containing two IEDS, one of which had a fuse.
ATF officials, Kentucky State Police and Harlan Police helped dispose of the materials safely by detonating them in a remote location.
"One of the IEDs was very large," Thomas said. "It definitely could have killed somebody. It's sort of two-fold. I am relieved we found it before someone else did but also still concerned and worried that there are more."
"I hate that these items are in our city."
Thomas said the best thing people in Harlan County can do is call police anytime they see something suspicious.
A grand jury in Harlan County last week declined to charge any officers involved in Sawaf's shooting death.

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