Gavin Grimm vs Virginia School Board Case

Something to be aware of is the Gavin Grimm case filed against the Virginia School Board. For almost four years Grimm has been in an active lawsuit against his former school district after he was banned from using the boys bathrooms in high school. Having come to the public eye on a national platform for transgender right, his case almost made it to the United States Supreme Court.
After graduating he moved to California but has continued to keep fighting and the Virginia School Board may be giving in, although thankfully not in court. Today they are expected to hold a public hearing in which they plan to discuss the possibility of allowing transgender studetns to use the whichever bathroom they feel aligns with their chosen gender identity.
After a court order legally declared him as a man, Grimm was denied the option of changing the gender listed on his high school transcript that still lists him as female. Federal laws do not directly address the issue but some states do provide explicit guidance to schools for updating their records. Virginia however does not have a clear policy.
According to the Chief Legal Officer for the National School Boards Association, the issue is will continue to rise as more students express their gender identity preference.

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