Gary Austin Lewis and Lloyd Allen McDavid Arrested

A Scott County Deputy stopped a vehicle near the state line for having a loud exhaust. The driver, identified as Lloyd McDavid, stated that his muffler had several holes in it and that’s why it was so loud. The deputy inquired as to whether or not he had any guns or illegal drugs on him. McDavid asserted that he did not. When McDavid stepped out of the vehicle, a search of his person resulted in a small caliber revolver found in his waistband.
K-9 Officer alerted on the vehicle and during the subsequent search of the vehicle, a bag of crystal like substance was found in a head phone case. Behind the passenger seat a red bag was found. The passenger, Gary Lewis advised the deputies that it was his and that there was a gun inside. Neither subject had a concealed gun permit. Field testing of the crystal like substance showed it to be Methamphetamine. The weight was 1.03 ounces.
Resultant charges for the two subjects, Gary Austin Lewis and Lloyd Allen McDavid
are as follows;
Firearm: Possession with Schedule I/II Drug\
Schedule I/II Possesion with Intent to Manufacture/Sell/Distribute
Concealed Weapon Carry

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