Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund

Our Kentucky listeners might be interested to know that 1 out of 5 Kentucky children go to bed hungry and don't know from where or when their next meal is coming. The Kentucky Hunger Iniative was created to tackle the reality of so many in need. Now during tax season they want you to know that you can join with them to reduce hunger in Kentucky by making a contribution to them.
Every income tax return includes an option to donate part of your refund and, this year for Kentuckians the box is on line 39 of your Form 740 to donated to the Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund. Consider checking the box and feed a hungry child or family.
This program supplies nutritious foods for the hungry while providing producers a revenue stream for products that would go to waste otherwise. Last year nearly $19,000 in taxpayer contributions enabled them to purchase more than 105,000 pounds of produce, which was enough for more than 175,000 meals.

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