Extension Master Gardener Training at MECC

This Saturday, the 22nd of June will mark the beginning of an Extension Master Gardener training program at Mountain Empire Community College. This face to face meeting will cover Soils and Fertility, the History of Extension and Risk Management, Entomology, Botany, Organic Gardening and Plant Pathology. Additionally there will be training consisting of email discussions, online modules and a final exam which will end July 31st, 2019.

Participants will need to complete fifty hours of approved volunteer service within a year of beginning this class in order to earn their Certified Master Gardner status, in addition to the original fifty education hours.

Registration cost is $100 and for additional information please contact Phil Meeks by phone at (276) 328-6194 or by email at pmeeks@vt.edu or contact Amy Fannon at (276) 546-2057 or email Amy at afannon@vt.edu.

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