Drug testing kit

Many counties are doing a Drug Prevention initiative with home testing kits.

The kits helps parents to obtain, free of charge, drug testing kits that they can use with their children, in the privacy of their own home, and the results are confidential and private, only being disclosed to the parent.

These kits are widely available and will help children to say no to drugs and allow parents to be test their children anonymously.

 Operation UNITE says families who receive positive test results should contact their health providers or any of the other resources listed at operationunite.org.

With just a cheek swab the kit will test for amphetamines, such as Adderall and ecstasy; benzodiazepines, including Xanax, valium and rohypnol; cocaine; marijuana; methadone; methamphetamine; opiates, such as codeine, heroin, morphine, oxycodone and hydrocodone; phencyclidine(PCP); and barbiturates.

Contact your local school system or the local sheriff's office to obtain a kit


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