Drones causing issues during firefighting

While drones are becoming a growing industry, they are now posing a risk to those fighting the recent wildfires. Drones around wildfires can ground an aircraft working to extinguish fires and protect crews below.

Tennessee State law has dubbed wildfires a "no drone zone" and interfering with the efforts of firefighters to extinguish a fire can result in a significant fine and/or a court appearance.

In Virginia there is no law addressing drones during wildfires, but if fire officials determine the drone is preventing firefighting efforts, then the drone operator could face charges.

Earlier this week firefighters noticed a drone flying above fire they were working to contain in Appalachia.

Pilots are worried the drones could pose a risk to those flying as well as those on the ground if the aircraft were to collide. Aircraft are instructed to immediately land if a drone is spotted.

Officials are asking the pilots of those unmanned aircraft to steer clear of the areas where fire operations are currently going on.

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