Department of Environmental Quality Meetings

The Department of Environmental Quality the DEQ is planning two public meetings to present the Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Plan for the Powell River Watershed in Lee and Wise counties.
The first meeting will be tonight Tuesday, February 6th beginning at 6p.m. at the Pennington Gap Community Center located at 41670 West Morgan Avenue. The second meeting will be held Thursday evening, February 8th from six til eight p.m. at the Big Stone Gap Visitor Center located at 306 Wood Avenue East. In case of inclement weather you may phone 276-6764803 to verify postponement of the meeting.
The DEQ hopes to attain written and oral comments from interested individuals. There are ten different impaired stream segments in the area including Butcher Fork, South Fork Powell River, North Fork Powell River, and Powell River. According to Virginia’s 303(d) TDML Priority List and Report all segments are listed as impaired due to violations of the State’s water quality standard for bacteria and aquatic life.
The Implementation Plan will provide verifiable goals, corrective actions needed along with their associated costs, benefits, and environmental impacts. Written comments should include the name, address, and telephone number of the individual submitting comments and be sent to

Stephanie Kreps

Southwest Regional Office

Department of Environmental Quality

355A Deadmore Street

Abington, Va 24210

or emailed to

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