Democrats Seeking Liberal Justice Reform

According to Commonwealth Attorney Chuck Slemp, 25 years after the state eliminated the practice of releasing prisoners for serving a portion of their sentence thousands of inmates could be eligible to get out under bills currently making their way through democratically controlled General Assembly.
Meanwhile prisoner advocates are happy with the effort because of crowded prisons, medical costs, and inequities in sentencing. They also see democratic controlled government as a chance to create some of the most liberal criminal justice reform in more than a generation. The majority of the changes proposed would chip away at the mandates that inmates are required to serve at least 85% of their sentences.
Victims groups however, argue the possibility of releasing offenders before their sentence ends would force affected families to relive their traumatic ordeals. Republicans argue that the 1995 ban has enabled Virginia to have the fourth lowest violent crime rate in the country, with the 23.4% recidivism rate the lowest in the nation.

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