Daniel Boone SWCD Cost-Share Deadline

Today is the last day to sign up with the Daniel Boone Soil and Water Conservation District for 100% cost-share funding for Grazing Land Best Management Practices through the Virginia Agricultural Cost-Share Program. Only those applications received by 4:30 today will be eligible for 100% cost-share. After today, applicants will only be eligible for a reduced cost share at 20/80% on Stream Exclusion with Grazing Land Management practices.

Those who qualify for this funding must:
* be an individual, partnership, corporation, trust, or other business operating a farm in Virginia
* have a water quality issue on your farm that needs to be addressed;
* submit a complete and timely application to DBSWCD

If qualified, applicants must
* be approved by DBSWCD
* meet VACS technical specifications; and
* pass a field inspection, if one is required

For more information, call 346-1531.

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