Cyber Scam Alert

Don't fall for this dangerous phishing text scam! (View the Images with this post)

A brand new scam is going around that's targeting Apple users. Reports are coming in about a text message popping up that's actually a phishing tactic.

The message claims to be from Apple Inc., and informs users that their Apple ID is about to expire. But this message is fake and if you've received it you should immediately delete it.

Those who have fallen for the scam have been tricked into handing over the login details of their actual Apple ID account. The message addresses them by name, and says: "Your Apple ID is due to be expire today. Prevent this by confirming your Apple ID at [link] – Apple Inc."

One of the first clues Apple users have informing them that this is not a legitimate message from Apple is the fact that the message itself has typos. The second clue is that all Apple ID account updates would take place in directly in iTunes. But, the rest of the scam has been executed to a level that could even fool cyber security experts.

When users click on the provided link, they're taken to a fake website that looks entirely legitimate.

The website asks them to enter in their Apple ID account details, then gives them an error message. This message informs users that their account has been locked for security reasons.

Users' Apple ID information is not all that's being targeted by this phishing scam. When prompted to unlock their account, users are asked to provide their date of birth, telephone number, address and credit card details.

In some cases, users are also asked to confirm the answer to a security question, such as their mother's maiden name, first job or other questions that are frequently associated with other logins.

This scam was reported as early as last week, but is still picking up speed. That's why we wanted to keep you informed. If you've seen this message pop up on your phone, delete it as soon as possible.

And, whatever you do, don't enter your personal details into the fake site's prompt to unlock your login.

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