Cridlin and Slemp Attend VACA Bill Reading

Last week, according to a joint statement from Commonwealth Attorneys H. Fuller Cridlin of Lee County and Chuck Slemp III of Wise County and the City of Norton, they recently traveled together to Richmond to attend the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s Association (VACA) Bill Reading. They also visited the capitol and the offices of members in the General Assembly. This was their opportunity to lobby for or against proposed legislation, in a bipartisan manner, so that lawmakers know where they stand.
Throughout the day, they expressed their opposition to all proposed legislation that would disarm law abiding citizens, and infringe upon constitutional rights. They also opposed proposals that would reinstate the possibility of parole for hundreds of violent felons who have been sentenced since parole was abolished in 1995.
Overall, it was a long day for both, but as the General Assembly Session continues, they will continue to express their concerns about any legislation that impacts public safety and our Constitutional rights.


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