COVID19 Vaccination Info Clarification

Recently LENOWISCO Health District’s social media page listed a clarification for individuals who mistook the latest update on the COVID19 vaccination plan for Virginians. Numerous people thought it was a registration site for the vaccine instead of an information gathering post to try and discern just how many vaccines would be required to ensure sufficient is ordered.
They are currently at work on Phase 1A of vaccinating Commonwealth residents, with Group 1B information being collected and tallied. If you, your agency or organization falls into this group and you reside in the LENOWISCO Health District which covers Lee, Norton, Scott and Wise Counties they have posted a link to the COVID19 survey form.
Group 1B persons include the following proposed groups:
Police, Fire and Hazmat
Correction Workers
Childcare, K-12th grade Teachers and Staff
Food processing plants along Commercial Agriculture Manufacturing
U.S. Postal Service Workers
Grocery Store Workers
Public Transit Workers
Please note these are proposed groups and are subject to change.

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