Congressman Morgan Griffith Discusses Opioid Epidemic in Virginia

Closer to home in the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States Congressman Morgan Griffith was in Abington and among the topics affecting residents in the Commonwealth he commented on the growing opioid epidemic that is facing the nation.
According to Griffith fifty Bills have been passed in just the last month concerning the widespread issue. Griffith further added that each Bill is just a small piece of legislation but when put together they work towards combatting the epidemic.
Griffith revealed that an opioid pill distributor recently dumped millions of pills into West Virginia, adding that this dump has caused a rise of overdoses in various parts of Virginia thanks to the pills being passed over the state line into Virginia.
Representative Griffith stated, "The highest number of deaths due to prescription opioids per capita in Virginia were right along that West Virginia boarder. So if you have a prescription opioid death problem right along the boarder, you have to believe it has something to do with West Virginia. Which has the highest death in the nation as a state."
Virginia's Republican representative added that the blame for the opioid epidemic is so spread out is because of drug producers and distributors, the US Drug Enforcement Agency and some doctors.
Residents will remember that just a few weeks ago Virginia received an additional $9.76 million in Federal Grant Funding to combat the opioid epidemic in the Commonwealth.

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