Commonwealth’s Children’s Cabinet

Expected to weigh in on the arming of Lee County school teachers will be the Children's Cabinet, which is a reestablished work group that was signed into action by Governor Ralph Northam by Executive Order that examines several areas.
Some of the areas that will be covered include:
Enhancing information sharing and the effectiveness of threat assessment teams. Assessing the role, the prevalence, and the training of School Resource and School Security Officers. Evaluating existing ratios and staff levels for school support staff. Identifying potential opportunities to expand any relevant training to a myriad of school based personnel. Lastly the consideration of other school based programs, including mental health support and others needed to ensure the safety of students.
Brian Moran, the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security stated, "The members that have been assembled for this work group have devoted their careers to student safety. The diverse range of backgrounds and expertise will provide critical perspectives as we address this issue."
Created in In 2014, Governor McAuliffe’s Executive Order 21 established the Commonwealth’s first Children’s Cabinet, a cross-secretariat, multi-agency collaborative created to better align policies and programs in support of our shared goal of serving Virginia’s youngest citizens. Dedicated to the education, health, safety and welfare of Virginia’s children and youth, and is an advisory body to the Governor of Virginia.
Another Priority of theirs is the Classrooms Not Courtrooms Initiative: to reduce student suspensions, expulsions, referrals to law enforcement, and the disparate impact of these practices on minorities and students with disabilities.

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