Cold Weather Preparation Check List

Cold Weather Preparation Check List is something all of us need to have ready with this recent chillier weather we're experiencing. Some things to consider are the following:

PETS-Remember that temperatures in the twenties are dangerous for most dog breeds so they'll need a warm place. As well as food and water and be sure to make sure their water bowl doesn't freeze over if outdoors.

PIPES-Remember to let them gently stream or drip steadily to avoid freezing, especially if the pipes should run outside and maybe consider opening up the cabinet doors to allow warm air access to pipes.

PEOPLE-The less fortunate and the elderly need to be checked on to make sure they are surviving colder temperatures safely. Ensuring they have a reliable source for heat, food, drinks and medications.

PLANTS-Any temperature sensitive plants should be brought indoors or at least covered up.

VEHICLES-Remember before starting your vehicle to bang on the hood to scare out any small animals that might have climbed onto your engine for warmth, also to check your tire pressure and a good set of jumper cables in case your battery needs a jump. Cold weather is well known to drain batteries of power.

ESSENTIALS-Remember to have blankets, food, water and medicines close by and even in your vehicle if there's a chance you might be stuck alongside the road. Candles if you are at home and road flares if you are out and about are also very handy.

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