Coeburn Man Facing 11 Charges

Robert Ellis, a Coeburn man is now facing eleven charges, including three counts of attempted homicide after a domestic incident occurred last Wednesday stated authorities.
In a police report, a man and his fiance got into a physical altercation with the man's father, Robert Ellis. During the fight the son claimed to have sustained multiple injuries including bleeding cuts to his face, neck and hands. Ellis allegedly drew a .38 caliber revolver from the back of his waistline and pointed it at the ground in front of his son then proceeded to fire a shot into the floor.
Further stating that while his father was still yelling and trying to fight both him and his fiance that Ellis then directed the gun at him, firing and second round that missed him and went into the wall of the house's living room. Both victims claimed that Ellis was then pushed down by his son and that Robert Ellis then fired a third time toward's his son's fiance.
Both victims were able to escape on foot through the front door and went to the Coeburn Police Department according to authorities. The woman claimed that she was approximately twelve weeks pregnant and that Robert Ellis was aware of her pregnancy.
Robert Ellis was arrested and police stated that he had a .38 caliber revolver in his right hand.

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