City of Norton Eligible for Additional Funds

According to the latest release, the Norton City Council recently discovered that the City of Norton is eligible for some additional federal funds that are designed to help with the COVID19 Pandemic costs. This information was related by Fred Ramey, City Manager, when the Norton City Council was given an update at their last meeting.
This past May, the City of Norton was fortunate to receive better than $347,300 of federal funds as part of the CARES Act. These funds were from a much bigger pool which had been allotted to the Commonwealth of Virginia, which in turn, distributed the money further to different localities. City Manager Ramey, had previously alerted the Council to the statement by Northam who had announced that qualifying localities would be able to make an additional request for funds, equal to the amount they had received previously.
Ramey went on to add that the allotted money could only be spent on very specific needs, including purchase of personal protective equipment, virus testing, disinfection and sanitation, making public services safely accessible, public building modifications to meet labor safety requirements. Other possible expenses for these additional funds could include; virus related costs of keeping government operations going, along with assisting area schools and regional jails, and helping local residents with food, housing, utility and essential basic needs.
Previously the plan going forward, had been to use the funds to cover direct city costs, and then to reserve as much funding as possible until the end of the year to help address any financial challenges in the future, while everyone waited to see if authorization might be give to use funds from the CARES Act to help replace lost revenue as a result of the pandemic.

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