Central High School Student Arrested

Earlier this month, Wise County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Neal Addington received a call from the Norton Police Department regarding a social media post made by a Central High School student. The student in question was brought to the school administrator’s office to discuss the social media post. Following a search of the student’s backpack, a knife was located. Sgt. Addington then searched the student and discovered a toy gun in the waistband of his lower back region. At that time the student was taken into custody and charged with two counts of possession of a weapon on school property. The student was later transferred to a juvenile detention facility.
Wise County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Greg Mullins regarding this incident stated, “There were no threats made, no one was harmed, and the incident is being handled in accordance with all Wise County School’s policies. We are working with the Wise County Sheriff’s Office daily to ensure the safety of all students and staff at Wise County Schools Public Schools.”

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