Broadband Access a Work in Progress

The Lee County Board of Supervisors held their second meeting yesterday concerning trying to get broadband access to all Lee Countians.  The Commonwealth of Virginia is made a huge initiative to build the infrastructure to allow all Virginians to have access to broadband internet by the year 2024.  As part of the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative, a little over $1.2 million to Lenowisco and Scott County Telephone Cooperative to construct over 70 miles of fiber to provide access to a large number of homes that have no access to broadband.  The Lee County Board of Supervisors, Scott Telephone Cooperative and the Lenowisco Planning District is working together to try and get this project underway as quickly as possible.  Powell Valley Electric has also committed to allow access to their utility poles with no charge to run the cables necessary to aid in completing this project.  This has been a major issue in our area for some time, especially last year when school was being held exclusively on line and kids were unable to have the access they needed to complete their schoolwork.  Everyone was doing the best they could but there was a large amount of stress added to these students, their families and the teachers trying their best to work through a complicated situation that had little to no remedy.  And with our current situation concerning the spread of COVID-19, this news couldn’t come at a better time. 

There are some customers that also have access to broadband and do not know it.  If you do not know if you have broadband access or to check on your availability, you can contact Scott County Telephone at 866-457-5844 and gain more information.  Also, if you do currently have access, or are gaining it soon,  and have a student enrolled in school, be sure to inform them of this information as you may be eligible to receive a $10.00 discount on your bill.

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