Board of Supervisors Budget Set

At a recessed budget meeting on Thursday, May 28th, the Lee County Board of Supervisors agreed to donate more than $66,000 to the Lee County Hospital Authority for real estate taxes in order for the hospital to reopen. Since the Hospital Authority now owns the building, numerous maintenance and supply costs must be paid.

The board also approved the three-year $18,935 contract with Hicok, Fern, and Company for accounting consultation services as well as a three contract with Robinson, Farmer, and Cox Associates for auditing services, set for the first year at $41,700. Both contracts include the option to renew for two additional one-year terms.

Other appropriations included a $100,000 donation to the Lee County Hospital Authority and $12,883 for jail operations. The total supplemental appropriations amounted to $125,938. The budget originally set at $3,097,824 was reduced to an overall $1,340,183.

Budget reductions came from a number of sources including $1,500 from the part-time Treasurer’s Office salaries, $10,000 from MEOC, $500 from the Tourism Committee, and $1,460,257 from the school board’s budget request.

County Administrator Dane Poe stated that the 2% raise for employees will take effect September 1 of this year.

Poe says he will continue to look for more possible savings. The board adjourned until Tuesday, June 16th.

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