Board of Supervisors Budget Meeting

The Lee County Board of Supervisors met last Tuesday June 16, for a public hearing about the 2015-2016 county budget, set at $63,017,198. A final budget must be adopted by June 30. The only public comment came from Donna Stanley of Behavioral Health Services regarding justification of their budget request. County Treasurer Rita McCann reported the total county assets and liabilities at $14,815,740 with $10,047,929 in the general fund as of May 31.

Animal Control Officer David Middleton submitted a letter of resignation, effective June 19. The position will be temporarily filled by Deputy Animal Control Officer Alan Fortner. The board passed a motion to officially promote Fortner to this position and advertise for the position of Deputy Animal Control Officer.

Pennington Gap Rescue Squad Captain Freeman Vandergriff presented reports of answered distress calls in the St. Charles area between 2012 and 2013. He asked the board to allocate the St. Charles squad’s share of the money to the Pennington Gap squad and discussed the possibility of using their equipment. The board will consider this situation.

Daniel Boone Soil and Water Conservation District Chairman Jerry Ingle requested $46,400 to counterbalance the increase in operations and for the addition of a full-time certified conservation planner, moved from part-time.

Appropriations approved by the board included $66,006 to the Lee County Hospital Authority, $4,980 to the Sheriff’s Department, $1,559 toward local tourism through a grant which was matched by the Town of Pennington Gap for an extra $1,250, and more than $2,000 for miscellaneous expenses. The total appropriations came to $256,435. The board will meet again in recess this Wednesday, June 24 at 1 p.m. for a budget workshop.

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