Board of Supervisors Act on Tax Ordinance

The Lee County Board of Supervisors formalized restaurant tax along with other business during their regular monthly meeting.  After the public hearing, the ordinance concerning the restaurant tax of 5% that was implemented in 2020 was finalized by vote during this meeting.  This tax does not include restaurants located inside the towns of Pennington Gap and Jonesville with each location being able to retain one quarter of a percent of the tax collected.  The board voted and approved taxing computer equipment and enabling software used by data centers.  This tax would be for 24 cents on each $100.00 of assessed equipment and software. 

Various appointments to local boards were also made as follows:

Mike Mooney reappointed to the Woodway Water Authority Board

Billie Coleman, Dane Poe and Michael Twigg appointed to 911 Standards Committee

Charles Culbertson and Jason Spears appointed to Airport Authority Board

Abby Grout to serve on the Lonesome Pine Office on Youth

Ray Blair and A.J. Hatmaker reappointed to the Economic Development Authority\

The board also heard a request from Gary Parsons concerning hazard pay for the officers that had to work during the pandemic but the board took no action concerning his request.  There was also a presentation concerning tourism and opportunities available to promote our area by Bryan Hogan.

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