Board of Supervisor Receive Suggestions for CARES Funds

Recently representatives from the Emergency Services agency offered a suggestion to the Board of Supervisors that relief funds from the CARES Act be awarded to Lee County in order for them to boost the effects of area rescue squads and fire departments. Members from both departments were present to deliver their plea, reminding everyone that the county is legally required to use the funds by the 30th of December, and with two vital services in desperate need of equipment it would be a great option.
Citing nearby communities that had already utilized the funds in this same manner to benefit their emergency related services on behalf of their residents. With numerous representatives of Lee County’s various emergency services adding that with the desire to help our citizens, it would be a crime not to use these federal funds when our county needs and could benefit from this unexpected federal windfall.
It was also pointed out that with the lack of a local hospital, the need for reliable, functioning emergency services was critical to the county’s citizens. Representatives of several emergency service agencies proposed that the CARES Act funds be used to purchase an ambulance for each county agency. It was also recommended that more active units could possibly be awarded more funds.
District 2 Supervisor Kolb, stated that they would not waste a cent of the funds, but shared the information that the cost of healthcare and regional jail expenses had increased and the county would need to take that into consideration as they would need to account for those expenses. Suggesting instead that people could pay more in taxes to help with costs of fire and rescue emergency services.
One of the other proposed tax hikes was directed at Lee County smokers with a proposed $2.50 tax increase on each carton of cigarettes. Another tax increase seems unfair to those who smoke to constantly single them out, when alcohol abuse could be curbed in some instances with higher taxes on their products.

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