Blackjewel Coal Miners Will Be Paid

Coal miners who recently blocked train tracks in Kentucky while demanding to get paid for the coal they mined, may benefit from a federal deal with the bankrupt company. The company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection but has agreed it will pay the amount after selling two of their mines in Wyoming.
Blackjewel LLC reportedly has agreed to pay $5.47 million to coal mine workers in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia for services rendered. Court documents reveal that it is intended to cover unpaid wages the miners earned between June 10th and July 1st.
The United States Department of Labor recently took steps to prevent Blackjewel from moving thousands of tons of coal, after an alleged violation by the company in regards to the Fair Labor Standards Act.
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law which establishes minimum wage, overtime pay eligibility, recordkeeping, and child labor standards affecting full-time and part-time workers in the private sector and in federal, state, and local governments.

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