Bell County Inmates’ Attempted Escape

Two inmates attempted to escape from the Bell County Detention Center on Monday night. According to a press release, Bell County Deputy Joel Quillen stated that Christopher Dixon and Kenneth Williams, both of Middlesboro, took corrections Sergeant John Partin and officer Valery Brock by force and held them against their will.

The two inmates were being relocated inside the facility when they attacked the jailers with broken broom handles, hidden in their clothing. The officers’ radios were taken and the phone lines were ripped from the wall. Dixon contacted the control room and threatened to kill a jailer if the two were not let out of the building. When their demands were not met, they began assaulting Partin and Brock with the broom handles. Partin was able to stall Dixon with pepper spray. Pineville officer James Taulbee and Bell County Deputy Robin Venable then entered the scene and were able to detain Dixon and Williams at Taser-point with the helped of two unnamed inmates.

Sergeant Partin and officer Brock were taken to the Pineville Community Hospital for their injuries. Williams and Dixon were both charged with one count of Escape 1st degree, Promoting contraband 1st degree, Assault 3rd degree on correction employee, and Unlawful imprisonment.

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