Ballad on Separating Flu Patients from Acute Care Patients

Recently a Ballad Health Spokesperson, stated that Niswonger Children's Hospital has created a separate pediatric entrance for emergency room and triage care areas for children that have flu-like symptoms. Citing the benefit of potentially faster care while decreasing exposure to those who aren't exhibiting flu or flu-like symptoms as the reason for the move and asking that care givers and parents follow the convenient signs outside the hospital that show them to the appropriate area.
According to the Ballad Health spokesperson, "Separating potential cases of flu from other acute care needs will help reduce wait times for all pediatric emergency room patients, and help reduce the spread of the flu virus. Our priotity remains caring for those with the most serious illness, and while the wait times may be longer than usual, we remain committed to providing care as rapidly  as possible for anyone who needs it. This flu season has already seen the number of flu sufferers sharply increase above previous levels, even though we aren't near the height of the flu season.
Last month Ballad had implemented visitation restrictions at its various hospitals in another attempt at reducing the spread of the flu virus, which it claims has been "particularly severe", which has led to an increase of patients at their Urgent Care and Emergency Room locations. Among those restrictions for visitors was anyone younger than eighteen or anyone that had the flu or flu-like symptoms to delay their visitation until they were free of the flu.
Sometimes its difficult to know for certain if you have a cold or flu but if you have any of the following symptoms you should schedule an appointment to see your doctor; abrupt symptoms of fever, aches, chills, fatigue, weakness, sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat, chest discomfort, cough or headache. You don't need to exhibit all of these symptoms to have the flu.


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