Ballad Health Response to COVID-19

As a result of a confirmed case of Coronavirus, Ballad Health has expanded its response efforts. The Ballad Health System now restricts entrances at their hospitals and screens those entering for the near future.
The Health Organization has also activated its Corporate Emergency Operations Center in order to better coordinate their response efforts across the health system. Individuals who may be experiencing symptoms and intend to see a doctor or visit urgent care are strongly encouraged to phone ahead to make certain they are prepared for your arrival.
Ballad Health CEO Alan Levine recently held a Press Conference in order to outline their new precautionary steps that all Ballad facilities will be undertaking because of the Coronavirus. Among them is restricted access to all hospitals with one visitor per patient allowed. No one under the age of eighteen may enter their buildings, visitors will be screened before they are allowed to enter, and all visitors to long term care facilities will be suspended for the near future. Gatherings/meetings of fifty or more people are cancelled until further notice.
CEO Levine added that, “Just because you are young and not at risk for serious complications does not mean you can not spread the virus.”

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