Ballad Health and Lee County Hospital

In a statement from the President of Ballad Health’s Northwest Market that includes Lee County concerning our local hospital, Monty McLauren said that protecting rural healthcare is one the main reasons Ballad Health was originally formed. From the larger cities in Tennessee to the smaller rural communities in southwest Virginia, they’ve proven statistically to help in keeping ongoing critical health care services to places that need it.
Impressed by the Lee County community’s representatives in pursuing the reopening of the Lee County Hospital Authority, they feel honored to have the opportunity to re-open our local hospital. They’ve already accomplished quite a bit in the past three months as they coordinate their planning and investment of services and time. They’ve already established a Lee County Hospital Workgroup, with nine sub-workgroups that will guide important efforts such as construction and facility updates, resource planning, budget and finance, insurance network relations and Medicare.
Recently they’ve met with local emergency medical service agencies to discover their needs and possible opportunities to support them, working towards establishing Clinic Days in Pennington for such necessary services as Pediatrics. Currently their focus is on three key areas that include repairing and improving the existing physical hospital building to meet safety standards, performing a community health needs assessment, and developing a plan to recruit much needed physicians.
While all of this will not happen overnight it will happen and they are excited to reach the goal of re-opening our own local hospital in Lee County.

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