ASD Offering Beginner Farming Classes

Appalachian Sustainable Development, will soon be offering registration for the 2021-2022 Winter Business Intensive, a series of 8 classes that are part of its Southwest Virginia Field School program. These classes are designed to create pathways for beginning farmers, gardeners and military veterans.  With this program, students will come away with greater knowledge through lessons in business planning, finances and marketing and gain networking skills and confidence for planning out a farm operation to fit their land and support their business goals.

Earlier this year, Appalachian Sustainable Development hosted Southwest Virginia’s first annual Summer Field School as part of the expanded offerings of its FARM program. The Winter Business Intensive is the next phase of the program’s expansion and is funded by The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of Partnerships and Public Engagement with a focus on serving the specific needs of military veterans in Central Appalachia.

The classes cover a wide range of topic including infrastructure, resources, business and financial management, sustainable production and many more useful topics to provide a wealth of information for beginner farmers to create sustainable and profitable small farms.  These classes start in November and run through March of next year.

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