Appcaa and Boone Trail Meats Partner with Hunters for the Hungry Program

The Appalachia Community Action agency is seeking donations from all licensed hunters to the Hunters for the Hungry Program to help feed local residents in need this Winter. Donations may be made at Boone Trail Meats located in Rosehill, Virginia. Processing for all deer donated to the program is covered by the Hunters for the Hungry Program. After being ground, the deer meat will be distributed as deer burgers at the Appcaa Office in Jonesville in the months of December and January, depending on the total amount of donations received and with the distribution dates to be announced later. Any individuals requiring additional information may contact either Appcaa at 276-346-0054, or Boone Trail Meats at 276-346-2333.
With more than 26% of our local residents below the poverty level this program is extremely beneficial in feeding local families. This Virginia based program has been responsible for donating over six billion pounds of venison to our residents in need since 1991, thanks to the generous donations of our local hunters. Once again Appcaa extends their sincerest appreciation and gratitude to our local hunters for donating to those in need.

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