Appalachian Community and Development Agency’s Weatherization Program

Lee County residents may be eligible for Home Energy Upgrades that reduce the cost of utilities, through a program being offered by Appalachian Community and Development Agency with no cost to them.
This weatherization program has a certified Energy Auditor that reviews eligible houses to discover what can be done to help reduce their utility costs. Some of which include adding insulation, sealing drafts around doors and windows, energy efficient lighting, ventilation fans and appliances, and the repair or replacement of heat pumps.
Eligibility factors to qualify include among other things; income level, family size, SSI, and whether or not the residence has been previously weatherized. In cases where home repairs are necessary before they can be considered eligible for the program, AppCAA has other programs that families may qualify for.
To find out if you’re eligible you would need to meet with a member of staff and provide; proof of income, Social Security cards for everyone that resides in the home, proof of SNAP benefits, photo identification for everyone in the home over the age of 18, current electric bill, deed to the home or mobile home title or property tax card. Please note Weatherization can be done on rental property in certain cases with the approval of the owner.
Designed to help lower income families save on average 30% on utility costs, along with living in healthier and safer homes. Appalachian Community and Development Agency’s Weatherization Program has helped 22 Lee County Families and 55 in the LENOWISCO region since July 1st, 2017, AppCAA which started in 1965 has been helping residents for nearly fifty years with their Weatherization Program.

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