Annual Meeting of the Lee County Livestock Association Tonight

The Annual meeting of the Lee County Livestock Association will be this Tuesday evening March 5th at Jonesville Middle School at 6pm. During this time election for Board membership will occur. Guest speaker for the event will be Billy Cockrell from Air Assault LLC, who will discuss helicopter spraying of pasture fields. The benefits of better broadleaf weed control in this manner are reduced wear and tear on farm equipment, more accurate distribution rates and the helicopter's responsible for all regulations, including application of restrictive use herbicides. These weeds reduce the quantity and the life of desirable plants in pastures and hayfields that may also diminish the quality and palatibility of forage that is available for livestock grazing. Membership dues will also be collected during the meeting and a meal will be served and each paid member is invited to take along a guest. For additional information, please contact the Lee County Extension Office at 276-546-2057.

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