Angela Sproles and Christopher Chester Arrested on Multiple Charges

A Scott County Deputy while on patrol on Goode Hollow Road, observed a car parked halfway on the road. The vehicle appeared to be empty. When the deputy approached the vehicle a female, Angela Sproles was in the backseat and the driver, Christopher Chester was in the driver's seat.
The tags on the vehicle were expired and did not belong to the vehicle in which they were displayed on. Chester's license is suspended according to the DMV. Chester told the deputy that he did in fact drive the car there.
Scott County K9 gave a positive alert to the vehicle. In the backseat within reach of both occupants was a black bag which contained a pack of fifty empty baggies, four Suboxone strips, one baggie which contained two grams of Methamphetamine, two syringes, one scooping device, and $31 in cash. In the console was an imitation pistol BB gun. Chester advised the deputy that the meth belonged to Sproles.

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