Americore Health, LLC

An authority who has worked diligently to get Lee County, Virginia's hospital opened once again referred to the announcement given last Tuesday as "a special Christmas gift" for the residents of the community
The announcements concerned the sale of the former Lee Regional Medical Center in Pennington Gap to Americore Health, LLC in Florida. The move had already been approved by the Lee County Hospital Authority and had been in the works for the last two years.
Americore Health is a new healthcare company that focuses on saving and revitalizing rural communities through the acquisition and management of rural hospitals throughout the United States. Americore's mantra is to deliver superior quality care and unique medical services badly needed in a long term sustainable business model utilizing cutting edge technologies and systems.
Americore hopes to offer a range of services possibly including enhanced laboratory, behavioral, detox rehab and veteran's care services.
Americore delivers both inpatient and outpatient with long term rehabilitation services for the fastest growing killer in America. Drug overdoses are the leading killer for most individuals under the age of forty and current methods aren't working so they plan to partner with strategems that have a proven track record of success.
Citing unprecedented changes in health care that included rising costs as one of their reasons for the closure of the center in September 2013 by Wellmont Health System. Unfortunately that left our residents with the only medical care option for emergencies thirty to sixty minutes away.
As of yet the authority has not announced an opening date for the local hospital but did mention that the necessary Certificate of Public Need is already in place.

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