All Clinch Mountain Conference

All- Clinch Mountain Conference football team released their players of the year and the teams for the conference.  For Lee High, Chase Cluesman received Defensive Lineman of the Year. For the teams, Lee High is represented by Justin Gilliam,Cody Haynes, Houston Sage, Nathan Aistrop, Matthew Hess, D.J. Lawson and honorable mention from Lee High is Lee: Charlie Mullins, Evan Collins, Josh Calton, Daniel DeHart, Matthew Hess, Patrick Allan, D.J. Lawson, Chris Fleenor.

2014 All-Clinch Mountain Conference Team
Offensive Player of the Year
Caleb Herron, Gate City
Offensive Back of the Year
Caleb Herron, Gate City
Offensive Lineman of the Year
Nick Mann, Gate City
Defensive Player of the Year
Logan Rasnic, Gate City
Defensive Back of the Year
Logan Rasnic, Gate City
Defensive Lineman of the Year
Chase Cluesman, Lee
First Team
Keener Burke, Jr., C, 6-0, 240, Gate City
Nick Mann, Sr., OL, 6-1, 263, Gate City
Chase Cluesman, Sr., OL, 6-0, 235, Lee
Austin Falin, Sr., OL, 6-2, 260, Union
Chris Stine, Sr., OL, 6-2, 243, Virginia High
James Mitchell, Fr., TE, 6-3, 200, Union
Raashaun Noaks, Jr., WR, 5-11, 175, Union
Justin Gilliam, Sr., WR, 6-2, 195, Lee
Jordan Sewell, Jr., WR, 6-4, 184, Virginia High
Caleb Herron, Sr., RB, 5-11, 170, Gate City
Brad Brooks, Sr., RB, 5-11, 200, Wise Central
Matt Hurd, Sr., RB, 5-9, 170, Lebanon
Cody Haynes, Sr., RB, 6-1, 205, Lee
Houston Sage, Sr., QB, 6-0, 180, Lee
Neth Gardner, Sr., K, 5-8, 152, Gate City
Tanner Hall, Sr., Utility, 5-9, 175, Union
Second Team
Garrett Burke, C, John Battle
Anthony Clarke, OL, Wise Central
Nick Buffalow, OL, John Battle
James Jenkins, OL, Gate City
Jeffery Mutter, OL, Lebanon
Daniel England, TE, Wise Central
Cody Lester, WR, Wise Central
Austin Jessee, WR, Union
Jay Gavin, WR, Union
Wes Blaylock, RB, John Battle
Evan Baker, RB, Gate City
Braxton Bishop, RB, Union
Hunter Collier, QB, Gate City
Devan Simon, K, Union
Cameron Salyers, Utility, Wise Central
First Team
Brandon Minton, Sr., DE, 5-11, 189, Gate City
Cody Haynes, Sr., DE, 6-1, 205, Lee
Adam Barnett, Sr., DE, 6-1, 230, Union
Chase Cluesman, Sr., DL, 6-0, 235, Lee
Dalton Cress, Sr., DL, 6-2, 277, Wise Central
Casey McKee, Sr., DL, 5-11, 250, Union
Hunter Grizzle, So., DL, 6-2, 214, Gate City
Jeffery Mutter, Sr., DL, 6-1, 255, Lebanon
Logan Rasnic, So., LB, 5-11, 197, Gate City
Matt Reed, Sr., LB, 5-9, 185, Gate City
Nathan Aistrop, Sr., LB, 5-11, 185, Lee
Devan Summers, Jr., LB, 5-9, 185, Union
Neth Gardner, Sr., DB, 5-8, 152, Gate City
Will Stamper, Jr., DB, 6-2, 180, Lebanon
Justin Gilliam, Sr., DB, 6-2, 195, Lee
Austin Jessee, Sr., DB, 5-8, 150, Union
Wes Blaylock, Sr., P, 6-1, 175, John Battle
Caleb Herron, Sr., RS, 5-11, 170, Gate City
Second Team
Dustin White, DE, Gate City
Matthew Hess, DE, Lee
Austin Falin, DE, Union
Garrett Burke, DL, John Battle
Weston Lane, DL, Gate City
Nick Mann, DL, Gate City
D.J. Lawson, DL, Lee
Nathan Jordan, DL, Virginia High
Jake Jessee, LB, Wise Central
Ben Mullins, LB, John Battle
Tanner McMurray, LB, Gate City
Hunter Jones, LB, Gate City
Jake Barnett, LB, Union
Caleb Herron, DB, Gate City
Wesley Byrd, DB, Gate City
Hunter Collier, DB, Gate City
Raashaun Noaks, DB, Union
D.J. Lawson, P, Lee
Cameron Salyer, RS, Wise Central
Honorable Mention
Lee: Charlie Mullins, Evan Collins, Josh Calton, Daniel DeHart, Matthew Hess, Patrick Allan, D.J. Lawson, Chris Fleenor
John Battle: Logan Honaker, Nelson Hurley
Gate City: Caleb Starnes, Matt Edwards, Isaac Salyer, Reid Smith, Dalson Creger, Trevor Lunsford, John Matlock, Dustin McMurray
Lebanon: Matthew Clatterbuck, Daniel Parks, Austin Cox, Nick Bailey, Charlie Fields, Ben Sexton, Peyton Owens, Peyton Watson, Josh Witt, Nick Agri
Virginia High: Sam Dennis, Evan Harr
Wise Central: Ryan Collins, Garrett Shortt, Tanner Stumpf, Dalton Mullins, Jarrett Jessee, Damon Kilgore
Union: Tray Peace, Bryce Spears, Jeb Stidham, Hunter Dickenson


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