28 year old Wise murder case looking for new leads

A 28 year old unsolved murder case in Wise County is still being investigated. Gary Short was shot in a remote part of Wise County in 1988, only a week after his 47th birthday.

Captain Ed Jessee picked up the case for the Wise County Sheriff's Department in 2007. He said they have had several leads over the years, but never a definite suspect.

"The only thing for sure is that Mr. Short was shot at an angle with a shotgun, and he ran 50 to 60 yards where he collapsed and passed away," Captain Jessee said.

Current Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Slemp is the eighth prosecutor to serve since the murder. Slemp is using nearly three decades of evidence including special grand jury testimony in moving the case forward. He is also working with the sheriff's department to apply for grants to hire a special investigator for the case.

"Someone who is not from here. Someone who is specially trained in cold case investigations so that we can bring that person in to help in the investigation and see what needle in the haystack we might have missed. The answer could be staring us right in the face and we just haven't seen it yet," Slemp said.

It is their hope this will lead to a suspect.

Gary Short was murdered on May 20, 1988. Authorities ask anyone who might have information that might solve this case, even if they have shared testimony before, to report it to the Wise County Sheriff's Department.


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