2016 Big Stone Duck Race

The eleventh annual duck race will take place this Saturday, June 11th in Big Stone Gap. Everyone is welcome to attend and watch the ducks race at 2:00 at Frog Level Park in Big Stone Gap. Each duck is $5 and the proceeds will go to MEOC for the fuel assistance program and to the Big Stone Gap Heritage Hall residents' Christmas fund.
Venders are welcome to set up at Frog Level Park, and should call 276-523-3000 for more information. The first place prize for the winning duck is $1000, 2nd place will get $500, 3rd place will receive $250, 4th place receives $150, 5th place is $100, and 6th through 10th places will each receive $50 prizes. Anyone wishing to purchase duck tickets can call 276-523-3000.

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