Rasnic Sentencing

Jonesville attorney Joseph W. Rasnic was sentenced in Federal Court in Abingdon on Thursday. Rasnic was charged with misprision of a felony for condoning and concealing the felony of bank fraud by his secretary, Mandie Bishop. Bishop was forging signatures from bank accounts and from an elderly woman for whom Rasnic was appointed Conservator of Accounts. Rasnic withheld information from law enforcement and continued to allow Bishop’s forgery.
Rasnic has surrendered his license to practice law which was revoked on February 13th. He has fully satisfied his restitution of $183,726. and his bond has been waived. While Rasnic’s potential sentence was three years, he received a year of probation by U.S. District Court Judge James P. Jones. This was aided by 41 letters of support written by fellow lawyers, professionals, and family members stating Rasnic had taken full responsibility for his actions and urging leniency. Bishop received two years in prison for bank fraud.

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