DJ’s and Staff



Anna is the DJ on our AM station. She also takes care of Local Announcements, Obituaries, and Church Announcements and various other things for the FM station.  Oh, and she's shy.  No pic.  lol






CJ is the General of the Revolution on Saturday Night.  He also helps cover Lee High Sports and pretty much anything needed at WSWV 






Jamie Dean 

Jamie Dean is the newest DJ and hosts the Wednesday night Bluegrass in the Backwoods.  He plays the banjo, guitar, sings lead and tenor vocals with 4 other equally talented bandmates in Cumberland River, the band that wrote and performs the song Justified.  He is as much fun to watch on stage as he is to listen to on Wednesday night.  Visit their band site at:






Dale is the host of our Thursday night show Bluegrass in the Backwoods.  Dale has played music with the best Bluegrass Artists around and is the best Bluegrass DJ in our area.






Scott and Rob


Lee County's favorite (or at least loudest) sportscasters.  They do their best to bring you the excitement of the Lee High General Sports straight to you.  Remember, if you are going to the game, bring your radio; if not, just tune in and Scott and Rob will bring you all the actionThanks to Jan Copeland for the pic.




Daune Robinson


Daune keeps you updated every weekday with the local news.  Listen to her newscasts each weekday at 8a, 12p, 3p and 5p.








Lance Fannon



Lance, or Grasshopper is back.  Catch Copperhead Road on Saturdays from noon until 2pm.  It's good to have him back.