AM Schedule

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8amNews, Church and Local Announcements, and Obituary Notices
9amCornerstone BaptistGroundworkHomecoming RadioGospel FestMaximum HitsMrs. G
10amHomecoming RadioCountdown MagazineGood News RadioFriday Featured Artists
11amAdmant BaptistTalk About JesusNQC Alive!
12 noonDelmo JesseeCompassion RadioCompassion RadioCompassion RadioCompassion RadioCompassion Radio
1pm1:00 - Way of Truth
2pmKings KidsSouthern Celebration
3pmBrittons3:00 - From His Heart
3:30 - Back to the Bible
3:30 - Back to the Bible Weekend
4pmAll Worship
5pm5:00 - News, Church and Local Announcements, Obituary Notices, and Trading Post
6pmDirect Connection